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May 22 2018



Legolas And Gimli are bitch/femme solidarity

This was a typo but honestly? Gimli is actually femme by dwarven standards, and Legolas Is a bitch by all standards.

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Hahahahahahaha oh my god

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who needs to brush the cat,when you can just cat the brush 

its been a stressful day hasn’t it. here watch a cat being helpful


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I’m sorry but when was someone going to tell me that in the year of our lord 2018 that the fucking Backstreet Boys put out a new song

This……might be the most bizarre thing to happen in 2018

My 8 year old self would be thrilled tho

@superqueerpasta 2018 is a fever dream 



I just heard this on the radio, and I near had a heart attack when the DJ said it was BSB

Holy shit

Talk about things getting better with age!


This’ll piss off some right wing nerds...


Lately a lot of people have been countering the rallying cry of the privileged “stop putting politics into everything” by showing that everything even the things we grew up with has politics as a part of it, and I would like to add a small contribution. 

A lot of people tend to forget that one of the most beloved video games of all times, Final Fantasy VII, had a huge anti corporate, anti fascist, and overall left wing philosophy as like the most major plot points to the game. 

Yeah I bet that shocked a few nerds out there. Most anyone remembers about this game is the ridiculously huge swords, the emo villain with the admittedly catchy theme song, and the girl with the massive low poly boobs, but the entirety of the game is about how big business is ruining the planet and will kill us all, and how fascism and business’ devaluing of life only brings destruction and ruin. 

What? You don’t recall that, or you just never had the opportunity to play it? Well let me break it down for you. 

A massive player throughout the game is the Mega-Corporation  Shinra. Shinra gets its money as a power plant by using oil mako energy. Mako energy by the way? It is literally the life energy of the planet, mixed with the souls and memories of the dead. And people know this! It would be like “hey, the lamp is flickering, I guess grandpa’s soul must be almost burned off. Go murder grandma so we can cook dinner.” Its kind of a really fucked up oil company metaphor. 

But Shinra Co doesn’t stop as a power plant. They are so massive they have their own city-state called Midgar. The entire company owns it and all the people in it, and its just a super efficient and well run paradise. If you live on the top level with the rich people. Midgar has two physical levels, a nice urban metropolitan top layer, which is held aloft by giant poles so they’re way up in the sky. Below that with limited access to sunlight? Slums. Slums where if people want to see anything they got to pay the electric company most of their money. I mean that is a literal physical class divide, and it slightly heavy handed but it comes into play later. 

Your main character? He’s a member of an “eco-terrorist” organization. I put that into scare quotes because this group found out that oil mako energy is a finite resource, and once we run out, everybody dies. They tried to get Shinra to stop nicely, but they were told to kindly fuck off, so now the terrorists have to blow up the oil mako equipment because they want to do the huge dick thing of not having everybody die. 

But your main guy turns out to have even more beef with Shinra as the game progresses. See earlier I mentioned that the electric company had more interests than electricity. One of them was making genetically modified super soldiers, to both act as enforcers for their police state, and to work on their other secret project (we’ll get into that later). Main character used to be one of those super soldiers,  but ended up getting super fucked up and fucked over by them, so his childhood bestie convinces him to join them to fight the company that fucked him over, and save the planet in the process. 

Now to show you how kind and caring Shinra Co is concerning its employee/citizens, lets take a look at Sector 7. The eco-terrorist’s base is housed in the slums of Sector 7. Once Shinra found out who has been fucking with their bottom line, they decided to do something about it. Did they send their veritable army of super soldiers to wipe them out? Well they sent a few, but it didn’t work. So just send more right? You fool, then they’d have to pay people. Lets just crush them, literally. 

To kill the terrorists they blow the support beams for the plate above Sector 7. To give a frame of reference, that’s pretty much dropping an entire town… on an entire town. Killed everybody living there in the process (except the intended targets). So, couple thousand citizens/employees, most of them poor and few rich are just collateral damage. Really shows how the company who is using Great Aunt Gladys to power their television values life. 

That other project they use the soldiers for? See there’s a legend in their world about “The Promised Land.” Its essentially Heaven, but people on Earth can get to it somehow possibly. Shinra Co heard about heaven on earth and thought “oh hell yeah. Imagine how much oil mako energy we can sell if we find that!” No joke, they want to find heaven to drill for oil in it. There’s a right-wing Republican joke in there, but it’s so lazy its below my standards. So they also use their genetic supersoldiers in order to seek out heaven so they can exploit it. And in doing so they fuck everything up spectacularly and royally. 

See the main villain of the game, emo guy with cool theme song, was a special super soldier. He was genetically modified as a fetus with cells from “Jenova” a frozen being that was thought to be one of the race of “Ancients” who the myth of the Promised Land originated from and were thought to be the key in finding it. Except Jenova wasn’t an Ancient, but rather an evil space alien that goes from planet to planet, drinking their life energy until it’s dry and then destroying it (sound familiar?). So villain guy is a genetic abomination who was created for the sole purpose of finding heaven so a company can drill for oil mako in it, and his “mom” is a evil space alien. The realization of all this causes him to snap, murder everyone in sight (including the president of Shinra), and do his best to destroy the planet because fuck everything. Kind of shows how big business improves our lives?

And before some smartass says something: mako power isn’t the only electricity source in this world. There are plenty of cities and towns that don’t use Shinra. But Shinra doesn’t like it. In fact when they tried to set up shop in a country that didn’t have their power plants in it but a lot of oil mako energy? The country in question politely declined. Shinra had the rational response of declaring a 9 nine year long war and taking over the country entirely. Remind anyone of anything at all? No? No real world parallels between an oil mako company funding a war to drill for more  oil mako?

So yeah, those politics are definitely there. And a lot of these fake nerds out there need to wise up. Because the girl with the massive low poly boobs is a member of the radical leftist organization, and that just means there’s another reason she’s not going to sleep with your disgusting ass. 

tl:dr one of the most celebrated games of all time has a very leftist, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, and pro-environmental message that lots of people conveniently like to ignore. 

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Rosa! What the hell are you doing?

Watch Rosa Fall Hard for Gina Rodriguez on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

More posts on bi/pan pride and visibility


Official petition for John Mulaney to guest on Brooklyn 99 as a cop modeled after JJ Bittenbinder


i was born and raised and still live in oregon which is a little place you guys might know as “the big moist”. but here’s a fun fact. in the transition period between seasons there’s like a 50/50 chance it will get insanely dry and windy for a week. and here’s the scoop. here’s the hot load. hear me out. if i get static shocked one more fucking time im going to get one of those little pet stairs that let your short legged dogs get on furniture. and im going to use it to take my little ass up on to the pearly gates. and im going to bite god

May 21 2018


a secret code between women: are you safe? in a contact of eyes. i’m here if you need me, the littlest shift of a skirt, of an inclined head, of watching the man who is asking you to smile, bitch. you aren’t alone on the walls of restrooms, i was where you are too. the quiet doling of emergency numbers, the shelters. the space between two women in a largely empty train station. the waiting game of two women strangers who walk, quietly and quickly, to their cars in abandoned parking lots, who watch to be sure the other leaves safely. text me you get home safe. the tally marks of drinks on hidden wrists, carefully disguised as other things ever since men picked up on what it meant and used it to target the “weakest link.” 

my father tells me we have nothing to worry about. last night he sent me one of those email chains that say at the top “Safety Tips For The Women In Your Life!!!! Don’t Let Her Die!!” 

me, and the stranger on the train. she is asleep and the man is asking me who i am going home to. i feel tears pricking the sides of my eyes. i am 13 while he towers over me. he reaches out one hand, and while i don’t know how she knows, she speaks up without opening her eyes: “If you touch my daughter, sir, I will murder you.” Whatever he grumbles is lost in history, because this moment I am so grateful for the existence of other people that I cannot breathe.

I am 19 and on my phone when i become aware of a 13 year old girl is smiling nervously at a man who’s saying disgusting things. I grab her arm. “There you are, cindy,” I say, and then look at the man like he is bile. “Do you need something from my sister?” i ask, and i walk away with her. she cries later.

this is the way of things: a silent, secret web. our promise to each other that despite our differences, when it comes to the wire, we become family, instantly. the unspoken promise. i’m here. i’m watching. i’ll witness.

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May blooms 🌺

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I’m 100% cool with unsolicited dik dik pics

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It’s really depressing how Labor Day has gone from “give laborers a day off” to “give white collar office workers and executives a day off but make retail laborers work so that executives can get a latte on their day off”

Nobody is making anyone work. If you don’t want to work on that day, don’t.

What qualifies as “making” someone do something? Even if you hold a gun to someone’s head, they technically still have the choice to not do what you’re telling them to do. Does that make it voluntary?

“If you don’t come into work today, we will count it as a no-call-no-show, despite the fact that it is a national holiday and you specifically spoke to us about being off. As such, you will be fired, losing your income. Because the government will see this as voluntary on your part due to our paperwork and their bias, you will not be able to get unemployment. We will not give you a good reference, and we will tell any future prospects you have who call us to confirm employment that you were unreliable, making it more difficult to find another job. You may lose your housing, your insurance and access to medical care, custody of your children, and any number of other things. But hey, nobody is making you come to work that day.”


imo we need to swap the phrase “no one will love you until you love yourself” with something to the effect of “if you dnt recognize your own value, you’re a lot more likely to put up with mistreatment that you dnt deserve”

it’s not rly a matter of self-love as much as it is being able to stand up for yrself when you need to, and even though the latter is part of that process, it’s still not the same thing

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