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October 23 2017







cashier: sorry for your wait. we’re short-staffed today

millennial: oh that’s ok no worries :)

 baby boomer:

But listen that’s the thing. 

We are short staffed almost 97% of the time at my retail job. Because corporate has figured out you can overwork 4 people at minimum wage instead of paying for the 8 people you should probably have to be on the clock.  

Baby boomers grew up with stores that were adequately staffed, with workers who most likely had weeks of training for their jobs as opposed to the 1-2 shadow shift training we get now. Also those workers most likely were able to be full time if they wanted. Now retail, except for management positions, is mostly made up of part time workers, because you don’t have to give them benefits. So you have a workforce of perpetually underpaid, overwhelmed, undertrained people trying to do their best all while dealing with an entire generation of people who refuse to acknowledge that the system has changed and the average retail worker has NO control over that change and is being taken advantage of.

Like we got our customer surveys back, and almost every single one mentioned that they couldn’t find someone to help them or we needed more people on register because it was TOO SLOW, but what did management tell us instead of scheduling more people? We need to be quicker on register and call for backup if necessary. Which makes no sense because we can’t call for backup THAT ISN’T THERE.

Y'all my parents haven’t worked retail since the 70s and they absolutely never believe me about the things that happen at work. I explain the schedule for next week gets hung up on the Friday before and they scoff and go “well when i worked at X they had it a month up your manager is just lazy.” No mom, its company policy to only do “two weeks” in advance. They won’t give you a full month’s scheduling in advance cause it let’s you plan for a world outside of work.

Or about the hours, workload or anything. They just assume its an individual’s failing instead of corporate mandate. Or, if they do believe me (that its company policy) they call it ridiculous and point out some survey that argues its Good Business to do (insert decent thing here).As if they think the higher ups don’t know this and are simply ignorant of Good Business Practices. They don’t understand that retail has completely shifted from caring about its employees to squeezing out every penny now instead of investing it for later.

Cause that isn’t how it was when they worked and they just can’t seem to see otherwise.

   I think there should be a ‘bring-your-parent-to-work-day’ instead of ‘bring-your-kid-to-work-day’, it would shock so many parents and would probably make them finally realize how much retail indeed has changed in the US.

when i first got hired as a cashier, my manager who had been doing that since she was like 17 in 1975 told me that back in The Days, when you were hired as a cashier in a grocery store it was a) a well paid job & you could get full time work easily b) a respected career choice c) the store closed at 6pm and was closed on Sundays so the hours were a lot more pleasant d) they made you go to cashier school for 2 weeks, which was basically a fake grocery store and you just learned the trade completely before even meeting a customer
now its like : you get like 20 hours a week, bullshit shifts like 3:45 to 10:15, a 20 minutes training before being thrown to the wolves, customers tell you you deserve your shitty lowlife job as soon as you don’t thoroughly kiss their ass

The millennial experience is tied to growing income inequality and the indentured servitude of student loan debt

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this is my fav bc an actual major cause for the fall of rome was the resistance of the wealthy to paying taxes which led to a crumbling of infrastructure but who cares about thaaaaat

“Feminism killed Rome” is my new favorite sentence of all time.

Also ballooning military spending, a widening gap between rich and poor, religious intolerance following the Emperor’s embrace of Christianity, and lead poisoning of the water supply.

*looks at camera*

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When the question is as easy as shelling peas

October 10 2017

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I always enjoy veterans speaking for themselves as opposed to hearing conservatives speak for them😊


I tried to express this idea the other day and gave up - veterans get fetishized by the right, and talked over, and they’re getting fed up with that shit. They’re not some convenient homogenous entity you can use - they’re individuals who think for themselves.

Yeah, we don’t appreciate being used as a political weapon by the same people who sent us to die fighting “foreign threats.” The only real threat to our freedom is domestic in nature.


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Please lower Gouda prices

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do you think vampires and werewolves are an exclusively human phenomenon or are there dwarfish werewolves and elvish vamps and shit??

would you fucking go to bed

*griffin voice* come plaaaaaay with me in this spaaaace

centaurs but the human part is a dragonborn

mermaids but the human part is an orc


i’m coming to your house and turning off your wifi

it’s a new month I have data for days bitch



“Not all men” I say, “there is but one who is purely good.” But which man am I referring to? In Iceland, deep in the woods and the snow, there lives a lad raised by wolves who feasts upon sunbeams and loves all of nature, unburdened by man’s sins. Tenderly, he strokes a hungry squirrel, sharing with her the last acorns of the autumn harvest. A tear rolls down his cheek. Who is he

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“Die mad about it.”


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Best review I’ve ever read.

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October 09 2017

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GUYS. Please watch this show.

A post for Columbus Day.

October 06 2017

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Via Pinterest.com

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October 05 2017

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omfg that is just too adorable

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“agreed to move”

“Agreed to move”


Perfect example of what rewriting history looks like.

Woooow this (Canadian?) History textbook is racist AF

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yall like “I wanna die” like a broken record but a buncha clowns come over wanting to kill you and youre all shitting your pants. hypocrites you are

the day i let fuckin bozo stab me to death is the day i die, pal

well yeah thats how being stabbed to death works

dont make fun of me dude what if a girl sees this



My mom has an Echo and every time I walk into my moms house I say “Hey Alexis! Play a high pitch sound!” And it goes “Ok. Playing High Pitch Sound 7” and lets out this screech for 2 minutes and my entire family hates it

Chaotic evil

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